Georgia Antiques For Sale!

Antiques offer a form of decor that is both timeless and beautiful.  Our shop sells framed art using exclusively archival materials and unframed antique art, which provides complementary balance to other antiques.  Our affiliation with prestigious antique dealers and collectors allows us to research and fill your requests for antique art and collectable local antiques.  In addition to the works on display in our shop, we offer numerous pieces of art for sale at the Antiques Emporium, located at 122 East 38th Street, Savannah, GA 31401.

 Richmond Hill, Georgia has an abundance of its own history.  We offer  items related to the history of Bryan County and Richmond Hill.  Just to name a few, we offer wood cut engravings of Fort McAllister during the Civil War and a large collection of Civil War artifacts dug in the area.  We offer maps of the area that refer to Richmond Hill as "Way's Station."  Ways Station was the name of the area prior to Henry Ford's residency on the Ogeechee River.

 We encourage you to browse the links to learn more about the services and products we offer.  Please visit our shop to view the bottles and artifacts that are for sale.

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