One of the many services we offer is the placement of an engraved name plate beneath a framed print, or in a shadow box.  Some of the uses for a name plate includes the name of the person receiving an award, the title of the art, a description of a framed object, the title and date of an event, or the name of a person.  Of course, there are many more uses for an engraved name plate.  An example of a name plate's placement in a frame is shown below.  Contact us if you have questions about our engraving service, or if you desire assistance designing a name plate.


Engraved Plate in matt

Close up of a name plate placed beneath a guidon framed for a gift.  For a larger view, click on the image.


Full illustration of the name plate inserted below the guidon in the frame.  For a larger view, click on the image.

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