If your frame is missing gilding, damaged or chipped, discolored due to age, Cindy's Custom Framing & Antique Art can help.  We offer gilding services to the Savannah, Chatham County, Bryan County, and Liberty Counties. Over the years, we have repaired a number of valuable antique frames.  The repairs are done by experts with years of experience.Because no two repair jobs are the same, we encourage you to see us and allow us to price the repair for you.  Examples of an experienced gilder performing various tasks are demonstrated below.


The damaged frame on the left has white, where the gesso was exposed and the gold gilding was damaged. Over time, soot and grime accumulated, diminishing the gold's luster.  However, this frame is not beyond repair! The frame on the left was repaired and the gold was reapplied.  The area at the bottom right hand corner best illustrates the gesso and gilding repair.  The frame above it shows the damaged area.  The result of this repair enables the owner to enjoy their art in the original frame for many more years.

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