Mat Replacement

The mats surrounding your artwork not only afford the artwork color and dimension, but they are also provide the artwork with a degree of protection.  However, this may not be the case in some instances.  Chances are, if you had something custom framed prior to the mid 1990s, it was done before acid-free mats were widely used.  In some cases, even today, framers do not offer acid-free mats to their clients.  We consider the use of acid-free mats an essential element in the framing process.  The reason for using acid-free mats has to do with the protection they offer.  Older mats, that are not acid-free, can cause what is referred to as "mat burn".  These are brown marks that slowly make their way from the mat onto the actual artwork.  The damage will intensify with time.  If you are concerned about the prospect of your artwork prematurely aging, come see us.  We will gladly evaluate your artwork and determine whether or not acid-free mats were incorporated into your framing.  If necessary, we will recommend mat replacement.

There is another cause for concern.  In some cases, we have had clients bring us art with faded mats--mats that were exposed to direct light containing harmful UV rays.  (Ultraviolet Light is what fades your carpet, drapes, and the upholstery in your car.)  As a result of the UV light's effects, the faded mats have diminished the beauty of the artwork they surround.  Our services include the option to replace those faded mats with new, acid-free mats.

Replacing damaged mats, due to a frame that has fallen from the wall, is one of our popular services.

Mats play a very important role in archival or conservation picture framing.  In addition to adding color, the mat is designed to separate the artwork from the glass.  The purpose for separating the artwork from the glass is because condensation that develops, due to humidity in the air, may transfer to the photograph or other artwork. If this happens, there is the possibility that damage to the photograph or artwork may result from mold or mildew.  In addition to dangers of mold and mildew, there is the possibility the moisture will cause the artwork to stick to the glass.  We have all seen the effects of a photograph sticking to the glass, and then the damage to the photograph that results when the photograph is pulled away from the glass.  Pastels and chalk drawings will easily smudge when touched.  So, they should never come in contact with the glass.  A mat is utilized to separate the drawings from the glass.

If you have questions about mats, or wish to look at at options for replacing old mats, feel free to contact us.

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If you are concerned about the longevity of your framed artwork, bring it in.  Our staff will gladly evaluate the mats on your artwork.  We will show you various options, and if you desire, we will replace them with mats that not only complement your artwork, but protect it as well.

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