Custom Framed Medals and Awards Products

Overview of Custom Framed Medals and Awards Products

Framed Medals with Ribbons, Insignias, and Badges Retirement ShadowboxA specialized product service that we offer is the custom framing of medals and awards. Medals and awards represent achievements that need to be recognized and put on display using conservation framing. The majority of medals and awards that we frame are for military recipients. Typically, the most common medals that we frame for civilians are athletic oriented, namely for marathons or tract meets. Framing governmental citations to civilians is also a specialized segment of our business. We have also framed merit badges and achievements for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Eagle Scouts. The military medals we frame range from accommodation awards to purple hearts.

On the left is a classic example of a custom framed retirement shadowbox that contains medals, badges, and ribbons. The design for this retirement shadowbox utilizes various mat openings to contain different uniform elements. The top row contains cavalry branch insignias flanking the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Unit insignia. Each item on the top row is set inside its own separate mat opening. The second row contains three separate mat openings for independent groupings for badges, ribbons, and a colonel’s rank pin. The focus of the design is the large mat opening beneath the second row. This area contains the medals awarded throughout the retiring colonel’s career. Beneath the medals is a small plaque denoting his years of service. The shadowbox design is based on combining a navy blue top mat with a secondary white mat. The top mat is raised slightly to provide added depth for the mounted objects, which creates a wider reveal accentuating the mat colors. The wood profile used for this shadowbox frame is a rich, polished mahogany tone, with black highlighted interior and exterior edging.

Framing Military Medals and Military Awards

We offer wide latitude of framing options for military medals. A military medal may be framed with the citation stating the circumstances that earned the medal, or it may be framed without the citation. In some cases, military medals are incorporated into a retirement shadowbox with other military memorabilia, such as patches, coins, insignias, and rank pins. The illustration above and to the left is a typical example of this. The framing option is up to the individual framing their medals. Ribbon rack framing is another option. Sometimes we frame medals with ribbon racks. Other times, insignias are included with a medal or medals. And in some instances, we will frame medals with an American flag, photographs, and name plate or plaque. The combination of military memorabilia included with the medals is up to the individual. 

The example on the right features multiple medals framed with a Congressional letter of presentation. The design for this frame is broken down into two major components. The opening at the top contains a Congressional letter detailing the medals and badges awarded to the recipient. The opening beneath the Congressional letter contains a number of items associated with the medals and a combat tour. The medals are framed beneath their corresponding uniform ribbons. Beneath the medals is a combat infantry badge. Beneath the combat infantry badge are badges for marksmanship. The mats for this framed medal collection utilize the color combination of navy blue and gold to complement the letter, medals, and badges. An open V-groove surrounds the medals and the letter. This open V-groove is our signature element in our design process. You won’t find this elsewhere on the internet! It is designed to separate the framed elements from the frame. It also provides depth and adds color to the border area between the objects and the frame. A rich mahogany tone wood shadowbox is used for the frame.

Custom Framed Purple Hearts

Framed Purple Heart Medal With Citation and Combat Action BadgeThe Purple Heart Medal is awarded to our military forces wounded during times of war. It is a great honor for us to frame Purple Heart Medals because of the circumstances which earned the recipient the medal. The example on the left illustrates a framed Purple Heart medal with the recipient’s citation and his combat action badge. This framed Purple Heart medal is dignified with a mat design that utilizes a top white mat, a purple middle mat, and a gold bottom mat. The middle purple mat matches the color in the Purple Heart’s ribbon. The bottom gold mat matches the color in the medal. A simple, but elegant contemporary black frame surrounds the mats. This is a basic design; however, other options are available for framing Purple Heart Medals.

Custom Framed Bronze Star Medals

Framing Bronze Star Medals is a service we fulfill for customers across the country. The example on the right is typical of a design for a custom framed Bronze Star Medal, with the recipient’s citation, and with items associated with the medal or a military unit. The design for this medal’s frame includes a sergeant major rank pin, the medal’s corresponding ribbon, and the 101st Airborne unit insignia. In addition, the frame features the lapel pin for the Bronze Star Medal. The frame’s design utilizes double mats and a base mat for attaching the objects. The mat’s selection uses red and blue colors. These two colors are coordinated to match the Bronze Star’s ribbon colors. The Bronze Star Medal is dignified with a mat design that utilizes a bold blue top mat, a red secondary mat, and a blue base mat for the attachment of the medal, ribbon, lapel pin, and insignias. There are additional options available for framing military medals. For singular medals, a bronze plaque is sometimes included in the frame.

Custom Framed Civilian Medals and Awards

In addition to custom framing medals for military customers, we also frame medals for civilian awards. Typically, the two types of civilian awards are the Army’s Achievement Medal for Civilian Service and marathon or runners’ medals. The Achievement Medal for Civilian Service is framed similarly to military medals. Usually the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service is accompanied by the corresponding ribbon and the citation that states the circumstances of the award.

Custom Framed Runner’s Medal

Framed Runner’s Medal With Race Results ExampleThe framed runner’s medal on the left employs a simple design to commemorate his achievement. The medal is combined with other elements from the Crawlin’ Crab race to create a unique design that also displays the medal's neck ribbon. The medal with the neck ribbon occupies the mat opening at the top left. The runner’s medal and its neck ribbon are attached to a black bottom mat. The black bottom mat contrasts well against the gold medal and the red, white, and blue neck ribbon. To the right of the medal is a headline from the runner’s local newspaper. Beneath the medal is the runner’s number. The opening at the top right contains the logo for the Crawlin’ Crab race from a program. In a mat opening beneath the logo are the race’s finishing results. The framed runner’s medal and race memorabilia utilize a top gray mat and a black bottom mat. A modest V-groove is cut into the top black core mat to surround the items. This V-groove cut exposes the black mat core and provides depth and separation between the frame and its elements. A modest black contemporary frame complements the black mat’s design

Quality Materials For Medal Framing

All of our medals and awards are framed using conservation grade framing materials and techniques. This framing process provides assurance that your framed medals and awards will not suffer early deterioration or fading because inferior materials were used in the frame or shadowbox’s design. Each medal or shadowbox is framed with the highest regard for quality using acid-free materials and 99% UV protected glass or acrylic. All framed medals and awards undergo strict quality checks to insure the completed project is not only visually outstanding, but fulfills your custom design requirements.

Typical Framed Medals and Awards Design Layout

Framing medals and awards offers many possible mat openings and mat color combinations. Mats that are often selected for framing medals generally include suede mats or linen mats. These have a cloth texture, and they add depth and dimension, as well as complement a military medal’s fabric. If a single metal is framed, placement is either on the left side of the frame or the right side of the frame or in the middle of the frame. Generally a certificate or citation accompanies the medal. The certificate is usually placed in a mat opening on the opposite side of the frame. Using double mats works best when framing medals and awards. Mat openings are cut for the insertion of the metal, ribbon, or ribbon rack. We often frame clusters of ribbons with the medals. Retirement shadowboxes often incorporate a number of medals into their design with other military memorabilia from the soldier’s career. The framing option to include a nameplate or plaque is generally included in the frame’s design. You will see these designs throughout our website.

Retirement Shadowboxes with Medals and Flags

Framed Army Retirement Shadowbox with Flag, Ribbons, Insignias, and MoreA retirement shadowbox with medals that includes the American flag is usually one of the largest shadowboxes we create. The retirement shadowbox with a flag and medals typically includes a brief history in related memorabilia that depicts a soldier’s career. For example the design may include a folded flag, unit coins, distinctive unit insignias, medals, ribbons, rank insignias from lowest to highest rank achieved, and photographs as a recruit and in their highest rank uniform. Even larger shadowboxes with flags and medals often include cavalry spurs (for infantry) and sometimes a sword with its scabbard. Generally, most retirement flag shadowboxes typically include a plaque with dates of service, ribbons, ribbon racks, unit patches for each unit served, and unit coins for each unit served. Often the uniform nameplate and dog tags are also included in the larger retirement shadowboxes.

The example on the right is a medium-size retirement shadowbox with a folded flag, medals, ribbons, and more. The design for this retirement shadowbox depicts a military career which started out with a recruit who retired as a major. This flag shadowbox example incorporates a design utilizing mat openings to contain different uniform elements. At the center of the design is a folded American flag. To the left of the flag is a set of dog tags, and on the right side is a medal with its neck ribbon. Another mat opening contains military ribbons. The opposite side of the frame contains the corresponding medals. Beneath the flag is a photo of the retiree as a basic recruit. His identity has been obscured for privacy considerations. Flanking the photograph on each side are rank pins indicating his rank achievements through his career from private to major. Designated unit insignia are contained in mat openings beneath the ribbons and medals. Artillery insignia are placed into mat openings to the left and to the right of a plaque that indicates his dates of service. The bottom portion of the frame contains a series of plaques indicating his military operations. The mat selection for this shadowbox includes double black suede mats which provide a sense of richness and depth. The black mats also contrast well with the gold uniform elements. A deep black wood frame is used to provide the depth necessary to accommodate the folded flag.

Turnaround Time For Framed Medals Shadowboxes

Turnaround time for medal framing is about 4 weeks. From framing single medals to large shadowboxes, we like to allow plenty of time. The reason we require ample time for framing is in the event a frame shipped to us is damaged in route and needs to be replaced. Also, the time required to design, layout, and attach objects inside a shadowbox may be substantial. Our larger shadowboxes with medals can require up to 40 hours’ time from the indicial design to the completed assembly. For this reason, adequate time is required.

Framed Medals and Framed Medal Shadowbox Pricing

Pricing for framed medals covers a wide price range depending on the number of medals framed, the number of items framed with it, and the complexity of the shadowbox. A typical single medal framed with the citation starts at about $350.00. Larger retirement shadowboxes, with ribbons, ribbon racks, medals, a flag, photographs, unit insignias, rank insignias, coins, and large memorabilia may cost as much as $2,000.00, depending on size and the number and types of items included. Prices do not include shipping or taxes. Shipping is available to the lower 48 states using FedEx ground. Items shipped include 99% UV protective acrylic instead of glass to prevent breakage. The largest shadowbox or frame we will ship must fit inside largest flat art box that FedEx offers. Oversize shadowboxes must be picked up from our shop. We offer quality framing with conservation grade materials that will prolong the life of the items framed. We are not the cheapest framers because we do not substitute inferior materials just to make a sale. We respect the military for they have done, and we make every effort to ensure the longevity or their framed items for generations to come.

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