Overview of Services Offered By Cindy’s Custom Framing

Retail Store Front For Cindy's Custom Framing & Antique Art, Inc., 10070 Ford Avenue, Richmond Hill, GA 31324We are a brick and mortar retail picture frame shop located at 10070 Ford Avenue, Richmond Hill, GA 31324. In addition to our retail location, we operate websites for picture framing and photo printing services. The retail store location provides custom picture framing services to Richmond Hill, Savannah, Coastal Georgia, and the Low Country of South Carolina with unsurpassed quality custom picture and shadowbox framing. Our websites provide framing services to the lower 48 states, specializing in military framing, battalion colors framing, and guidon framing. In addition to the custom picture framing, we offer canvas prints, canvas printing, and local art.

Summary of Custom Framing Services

Custom framing is the main stay of our local retail business. Some of the items we frame include military and nonmilitary shadowboxes, sports shadowboxes, diploma framing, award framing, needle art framing, children’s art, canvas art framing, limited edition print framing, military memorabilia framing, flag framing, flag shadowboxes, guidon framing, battalion colors framing, retirement certificate framing, album clovers, magazine framing, newspaper framing, and much more.

Custom framing is a truly unique service. There are no cookie-cutter designs for our concepts. Each project is approached independently to provide our customers with something unique. We take our work very seriously and want our customers to be happy and satisfied. Conservation framing materials and practices are incorporated into all designs. Our designs are intended to reflect the art or the subject matter entrusted to us for framing. The conservation framing materials we use provide assurance that you are receiving the highest quality product.

Mat Designs For Creating Unique Framed Pieces

Example of Computer mat cut with a plaque being placed into one of the openingsCutting mats with multiple openings and different sizes and shapes is an everyday service we perform.  Specialized mat cutting sets us apart from other framers. Creating drop boxes, ovals, rectangular openings, and odd shapes is a task that often enhances the framed artwork or shadowboxes. To learn more and to see examples, we invite you to visit our shop at 10070 Ford Avenue Richmond Hill, GA. Or you can view some the examples we have completed for military projects on our sister website, Framed Guidons, in the completed works section.

Frame Replacement Services 

We reframe art for a number of reasons. However, the primary reason is because a frame was damaged in some manner. Our shop offers a comprehensive custom picture framing service.  Frame replacement or replacing a damaged frame is not the only reason to consider reframing.  If your artwork looks "out of date" due to decor changes, let us help.  We can reframe your artwork to meet the changing decor of your home or business.

Glass Replacement Services 

Chances are, if your artwork was framed before the early 1990s, it is suffering from the damaging effects of UV light, or from acid based mats.  Protecting artwork by replacing ordinary glass with UV protected glass is another service we offer. We offer several glazing options for replacing glass. If you are unsure if your present glass offers UV protection, we can help by looking at it. We invite you to check with us if you have concerns about the protection previously afforded to your art.

Mat Replacement

Mat replacement often falls under the category of reframing art. There are a number of reasons to replace existing mats on artwork. For example, if the original color selection does not meet with your tastes or it was poorly chosen as the initial mat design. Mats play an important role in the overall frame design. The mats surrounding your artwork not only afford your artwork added dimension and color, but they are also designed to provide the artwork with a degree of protection.

This brings us to the second reason for replacing existing mats. Not all mats offer the needed protection they were designed to provide. Mats play a vital role in providing separation between the art and the glass inside the frame. The slight space provided by the mat protects against humidity. However, if the mats providing that space are not acid-free, then the likelihood of acid damage or acid burn to the art from the inferior mats is ever present.

Are My Mats Acid Free?

Example that compares an acid mat to an acid-free matWhen your mats were first cut, the mat openings were white. After that, if the openings have turned brown, you have a cause for concern. The change from white to brown indicates the mats are not acid-free. If the items framed have either intrinsic or sentimental value, there may be a cause for concern. As a routine practice, we often replace mats that are not conservation grade with mats that will not damage the art. Originals and limited edition prints are prime candidates for re-matting if they show signs of acid burn or if the mat openings show signs of yellowing.

Photo Printing Services

Example of Solid-Faced Canvas WrapOur newest service is the printing of photos from digital cameras and phones. This website offers an easy way to upload your images and then select from several printing options. Printing options includes: First, we offer printing on polished acrylic. This produces exceptional color quality. Another new, popular printing medium are prints made on polished aluminum. Aluminum is scratch resistant and offers great depth and tonal quality. Standard printing on paper and canvas are now available, also. We offer printing on two types of paper: Matte and Luster (semi-gloss). We also offer printing on rolled canvas. The rolled canvas prints are not stretched or attached to a stretcher bar. For stretched prints we offer gallery wrap canvas prints. With the gallery wrap prints, you have the option of a traditional wrap or a float frame. Finally, we offer what is referred to as “tabletop” art. This is smaller version of the canvas print, only it has an easel back and is designed to be placed on counter top or table top. Click Here To Upload Your Images For Printing

We invite you to visit our shop at 10070 Ford Avenue, Richmond Hill, GA 31324 to see example of art damaged by poor quality mats. Feel free to visit us and see some of the examples we have of art printed in Acrylic, Aluminum, and the various types of canvas options. Of frame shop offers comprehensive framing services with frames, fillets, and designs to complement your art. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Our phone number is 912-756-2781 and our email is